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Storm Last Night



Storm Last Night
Nao Tsuda

96 pages
36 x 18 cm


ISBN: 978-4-903545-65-3

In ”Storm Last Night,” Nao Tsuda continues to create landscape photography which is motivated by a mystical concept rather than a simple desire to photograph nature. The photos in this book–which is printed in a unique panoramic format–were all shot in Ireland, where Tsuda’s own grandfather had lived for a time. Upon finding a series of photos of his grandfather, which had been pasted together in such a way as to resemble a panorama, he felt motivated to shoot panoramic photos of the country. Tsuda’s panoramas show unpeopled landscapes of and around Ireland’s stunning coastline; he wanted to consider the ruggedness of this landscape in relation to the possibility of shelter offered by the fortresses. In a statement at the end of the book, he says that when shooting the work for ”Storm Last Night,” he was thinking of the following question: ”What were the ideological issues of the ancients?” This is certainly a large thought to keep in mind when viewing the photographs, but it shows Tsuda’s broad ambition for his work.

Includes English translation of text by the photographer.