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Stencil Poster

Stencil Poster
Lex and Sten


96 Pages
ISBN 9788888493626


The famous duo from Rome Sten and Lex have generated a vast iconographic library that the artists have emblazoned across the walls of many cities by conceiving and experimenting with new techiques.

Sten and Lex utilize conbination of half tones and stancils called “stencil poster”. This technique produce site specific wallpaintings: after gluing a paper stencil to the wall and making cutouns in it, the artists orientend the empty areas black, and then left the gradual unveling of their work to external agents.

Sten and Lex’s work is full of references to the movies, sacred art and pop culture. Their most recent works are characterized by their trademark artistic approach: the creation of large, anonymus portraits.

About the Artist(s):
Sten and Lex began their work in 2001, since then they have continued to refresh and reinvent the application of their medium by introducing new methods and developing their style from the early days of the “Hole School” to what we see today, which they refer to as the “Stencil Poster”technique. Their innovative approach towards the standard stencil has received much deserved attention fro gallerists, curators, and collectors from around the world. In addition to their growing international acclaim, this is their second book published by Drago.

About the Publisher:
Drago is a publishing house, a think tank, a cultural communication and art consulting company and, above all else, a generator of cultural occasions and energies. All Drago events are conceived as cultural, economic and political platforms. As the official publisher of The French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici, Drago has been in charge of all its publications for exhibitions and artists-in-residence. Among other clients are Nike, The L’Orèal Group, Danesi, The City of Rome, 55DSL, Alcatel and Bulgari.