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Speaking of Scars


Speaking of Scars
Teresa Eng
Self Published


68 pages
170×228 mm
ISBN 978-0-95740-410-6


‘Speaking of Scars’ deals with trauma and memory. During a 3-year period, photography was used to process an experience that couldn’t be processed. In the book memory takes the form of images, as it repeats and reconfigures itself around new and existing experiences.Despite the fragile nature of the images, the book expresses its brutal subject in a delicate way as it explores the complexity of trauma. The details of banal life offer up a world where things once seemingly benign become menacing; yet beauty holds resonance. ‘Speaking of Scars” is an expression of the unspeakable, taking inconceivable events and transforming them into a visible language.

Teresa Eng was born in 1977, in Vancouver, Canada. She lives and works in London, England.