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Southbound Knut Egil Wang CoverSouthbound
Knut Egil Wang

Text by Knut Egil Wang

88 pages
250 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9789198125382

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Each year, a large number of Norwegians spend at least a few weeks in Syden, a term for the Mediterranean beach towns to the South, to escape the cold. The Norwegian photographer Knut Egil Wang decided to attempt to capture “a country that doesn’t exist,” taking pictures in Cyprus and the Canary Islands. Prior to this project, Wang had never participated in the ritual. He found that Norwegian vacation customs share some common threads: “The sweet quirkiness many Norwegians seem to be equipped with from nature stands out more clearly in a foreign landscape,” Wang says of the project.

About The Artist
Knut Egil Wang (b.1974) graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Photojournalism from Oslo University College in 1997. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Wang is available for assignments in the US and elsewhere. He still works in Norway every now and then.
Knut Egil Wang is a member of Moment Agency which is represented by Institute.

About The Publisher
Journal is a publishing house based in Stockholm, Sweden.