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Somos Uno. Somos Dos.


Somos Uno. Somos Dos.
Lucía Peluffo
Self Published


64 pages
205×267 mm
ISBN: 978-9-87420-595-7


Lucía Peluffo is an Argentinian photographer, based in Buenos Aires. In 2014 she and her boyfriend left to France for a year, with a working visa. At the beginning they did not know anybody, they barely spoke the language, they did not have a job, and they moved together for the first time, to 15m2…

Living together was not easy, and it was with the work we see on this book that she tried to make it through the year and understand what she was going through. She then gets to portray intimacy without being cloyingly emotional, and the photographs are glimpses into this private world.

Lucía, as a designer and photographer, decided to self publish her first book, designing and producing it on its whole, completely by herself. She might now start her new publisher called “Morsa Ediciones”.

Born in 1989, Lucía Peluffo graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied Industrial Design.