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Sometimes I Cannot Smile


Sometimes I Cannot Smile
Piergiorgio Casotti
Self Published


168 pages
170×240 mm
ISBN: 978-8-89086-950-1


“I often ponder life and death. I decompose the pieces, dismantle elements in an attempt to rationally analyse them and then recompose and reconstruct the fragments, only to end up with a different equation each time. You need the right place to reflect and Greenland was that place for me. Life and death, black and white, opposing dichotomies revealing all their ruthlessness. In Greenland nature takes possession of rationality and gives a meaning to daily life. Greenland narrates a deafening silence. A voice whispering indefinable and inscrutable emotions. In Greenland one doesn’t live, at best one survives.”

Piergiorgio Casotti is an Italian documentary photographer, born in a small town in the the middle of Pianura Padana, in the north part of Italy.