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Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise


Torpedo Press

Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise
Espen Dietrichson

22 cm x 17 cm
122 pages
ISBN: 978-82-997365-6-5

Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise is the first major presentation of Espen Dietrichson’s work and reveals a production with an unique sense for perfection and dramatic presence. With a number of significant solo exhibitions and major projects to his credit, Espen Dietrichson has in an impressively short time invented a simple, yet complex language of his own. Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise is also the title of Dietrichson’s series of calculative drawings which both seem to be both inspired the necessity of a maverick logic and its self-destructive character. This methodological sobriety and humour also applies to his monumental sculptures and an engineer-like fascination with the instrumental (with an equal disinterest in their social appliance).

Interview with Espen Dietrichson by Power Ekroth and essays by Helga-Marie Nordby and Eivind Slettemeås. The publication is the first in a series of monographies on contemporary artists to be published by Torpedo Press.

”Tormented by visions of flight and falling. More wondrous
and terrible each than the last. Master Leonardo imagines an
engine to carry a man into the sun…”
— From Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, libretto by
Charles Anthony Silvestri.