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Shadows of the State

Shadows of the State
Lewis Bush
Brave Bush


180 Pages
180 x 280 mm
ISBN 9783947312023

The Cold War ended in 1991, but echoes of it can still be heard today. One example of this are numbers stations, short wave radio broadcasts of coded messages, believed to be intended for undercover agents in enemy states. Despite originating in the darkest days of the last century these transmissions continue today, with broadcasts occurring daily from countries including Russia, Cuba, and North Korea.

Shadows of the State is a photographic project by Lewis Bush which investigates these mysterious broadcasts and attempts to locate the likely transmitter sites of thirty of these stations. These sites are then mapped using high resolution satellite imagery and displayed alongside radio spectrograms, audio recordings, and extensive information about each station

About the artist 
Born in London, Lewis Bush studied at the University of Warwick, worked as a consultant researcher for the United Nations HIV/AIDS taskforce, and then started to develop his own projects from 2012. In his work he seeks to draw attention to forms of invisible power that operate in the world. To do this he worked across media and platforms, using photography, text, video, data visualisation, exhibitions, books and more. he started from the standpoint that power is always problematic because it’s natural resting state is arbitrary and untransparent. Irrespective of the intentions of the people and institutions possessing it, this is the state to which power constantly seeks to return.
Lewis Bush 

About the publisher 
Brave Books is a publisher with a focus on photography and works that are best conveyed and represented in a book format. It was founded by Tom Mrazauskas in 2016.
Brave Books