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SchattentanzSchattentanz by Christian Borchert
Christian Borchert
ex pose verlag

Text by Richard Pietraß

136 pages
244 x 210 mm
ISBN 978-3-925935-77-0

Christian Borchert (1942-2000) understood himself as a documentarist who wanted to faithfully and effectively reproduce his observations. Loving, yet unsentimental he saw his compatriots in eastern Germany in the second half of the 20th century. Mainly on his own behalf, he operated street photography in the tradition of “human interest”. His focus was on the everyday, unspectacular. A fine sense of humour permeates his pictures. The portraits are characterised by respect for the sitter. He paid attention to children and the elderly, loners, couples and groups, especially women and their changed image in public. Borchert was a discreet chronicler of his time.

About the artist:
Christian Borchert was a German photographer who specialised in street photography.

About the publisher:
ex pose verlag was established in West Berlin in 1986. They publish contemporary photographic work especially focused on Eastern Europe.