Scars & Beauty

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Scars & Beauty
Christopher Anhalt

17.4 x 23.2 cm
32 pages
Edition of 250, numbered
ISBN: 978-3-00-029806-6

“Initially I was just looking for a single picture to comfort a friend of mine after her relationship had broken up. I called the picture ‘Scars & Beauty’. At around the same time, Stefan, the designer of my Stuttgart book, approached me as there were some pictures in my archive he wanted to play around with. Eventually we merged the two ideas, and focused our selection on pictures which, as we felt, express and share that certain mood. Mood and atmosphere are really at the center of ‘Scars & Beauty'” (C.A.)

“Scars & Beauty” collects 21 photographs which cover various, sometimes antithetic subject matters. The booklet shows them in a reduced yet lively layout, it asks questions about beauty and its power, and it invites the beholder to free association. “Scars & Beauty” was selected by AD France as one of their favorite three titles at Offprint Paris 2011.