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‘Roxane II’

Viviane Sassen

152 pages
330 x 245 mm
ISBN 9781999721404


In “Roxane II”, by Viviane Sassen shares a visual journal consisting a dynamic gallery of poses. Such poses evoke strong sensual, at times tender moods. Sassen’s own presence is illustrated through her shadow and made tangible by scraps of paper that bear the imprint of her breasts.

This is a mutual portrait, an exchange in which the artist’s and model’s individualities blur, leaving traces on each other.


About the Artist
A native from Amsterdam, fashion designer and photographer Viviane Sussen has made a career from her dynamic visual interpretations through interdisciplinary works in fashion design and photography. Her work specializes in geometric shapes and abstraction of the human body.


About the Publisher
Based in London and Paris, oodee is an independent publishing house working closely with established and emerging photographers and dedicate on designing and printing unique contemporary photography books. Oodee promotes work of international young female photographers.