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Rome LoveRome_love
Simona Filippini, Igiaba Scego
Camera 21


72 pages
220×170 mm
ISBN: 9788890942211


Two stories, two visions of the city of Rome in an unstable balance between past, present and possible future, amorous dialogues and fragments of news that transform the L’Urbe in a place of transit and landing, a crossroads of cultures and experiences. The polaroids of Simona Filippini tell of a multi-faceted city, linger on the calming beauty of the story, seek and find the pulse of contemporary life, retracing the footsteps of humanity multiethnic engine of this ongoing transformation. Atmospheres that are intertwined with those narrated by Igiaba Scego in Irene, a first-person narrative that draws inspiration from the story of the Somali refugee Ali Ahmed Jama, who was killed in the doorway of the church of Santa Maria della Pace in 1979. This story becomes tragically true in the story and an opportunity to meet, reversing the fate of Jama, the promise of the future.