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Ricas y Famosas: Mexico 1994-2001


Turner Publishing
Ricas y Famosas: Mexico 1994-2001
Daniela Rossell

Pages: 160
Format: 22 x 33 cm
ISBN: 978-84-7506-519-9

Daniela Rossell’s meticulously studied images seem to be entirely  imagined, even in a delirious way. What her subjects reveal lends an air of barely contained madness to her photography.

The Mexican artist does not focus her ethnographic gaze on the daily lives of the lower classes or on their traditions and customs from time immemorial, but on her own social class: the oligarchs whose economic and political power keeps the lower classes in their place. Or not really on the oligarchs themselves, but on those who live in their charge: their wives and their daughters… and occasionally their sons, although it is obvious that Rossell is most interested in the lives of the women.