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Re: Collections

Re: Collectionsrecollections_cover
Liza Dracup
Self Published


50 pages
210×150 mm
ISBN: Not available


‘The badger’s paws have got nails through them so some
references to badger culling are there. There are lots of
interpretations to be read through the work – the sticking
together of the badger’s mouth, and the unusualness of the fox.’

Although she handled a number of stuffed animals that had
been killed more brutally, Dracup decided not to include
them in her exhibition Re: Collections:

‘I didn’t want to go down the grotesque route, or the caricature route. There was one red squirrel in the collection that was reminiscent of TV character Tufty, which I couldn’t use. There’s a tension within the stillness of the photographs.’

Liza Dracup is a photographer who is based in the North of England. The work she makes is in response to the landscape of Britain. She is best known for her series of large-scale colour landscape photographs made between dusk and dawn.