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RE-BOUND by Willem van Zoetendaal

Van Zoetendaal Publishers
Text: Willem van Zoetendaal
Concept: Willem van Zoetendaal
Design: Willem van Zoetendaal

104 pages
28 x 19 cm
Hardback + dust jacket
ISBN 9789072532121
Published in 2011

The Van Zoetendaal Collections Gallery opened in March 2000 with the ‘Survivors of an Aircrash’ exhibition of work by the Dutch photographer Koos Breukel. Since then a great many artists have presented their work on this international platform for contemporary photography and video art. Besides staging exhibitions, the gallery has produced a diversity of publications under the imprints Basalt Foundation (from 1995) and Van Zoetendaal. This publication is the marking of an era and comprises work by seven artists who were not endeavouring to produce a one-off, perfect image but were experimenting with the idea that their photos would acquire greater meaning when brought together as series. The seven projects were previously shown in the gallery or have appeared in publications, but deserve to be given renewed attention in a new context.


Koos Breukel, Marjaana Kella, Johannes Schwartz, Kyungwoo Chun, Gábor Ösz, Paul Kooiker, Myne Søe-Pedersen