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Being a Queen


Being a Queen
Kyungwoo Chun
The Museum of Photography Seoul
Korean, English

Essays by: Rune Gade, Louise Wolthers, Nathalie B. Shin


Hardcover (Clothbound)
64 pages
210×240 mm
ISBN: 978-8-77695-126-9


Being a Queen is a book about a photographic and ethnological study by the Korean artist Kyungwoo Chun has subjected us. Like Denmark, Korea was also once a kingdom with a queen who had a significance for all Koreans.

Kyungwoo Chun wanted to find out how we really feel about the Queen.

In order to describe it, he sought out people who feel that they are in some way similar to Queen Margrethe and filmed them while they told, wearing a large blue silk dress of the kind that a queen could wear on ceremonial occasions.Eventually they were – men and women – photographed in the blue silk dress in royal poses and with an exposure time in minutes equal to their age in years, so the photos were blurry. Is the Queen herself, we see, or is it ourselves?

The book is published in connection with the opening of the artist’s exhibition in Kunsthal Aarhus on the 28. August 2009. The exhibition was organised by Galleri Image.

Kyungwoo Chun was born (1969) in Seoul. After his first study of Photography in Korea (1992) he moved to Germany, where he studied and started to work on his art projects in Europe. He has become known for his poetically blurred photographic portraits in a very unconventional way of dealing with time and space.

The Museum of Photography, Seoul is a photography museum in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea.