Published: Photobooks in Sweden

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Published: Photobooks in Sweden
Niclas Östlind
Koenig Books

312 pages
264 x 195 mm
ISBN 978396094757

“Published: Photobooks in Sweden” is the first survey and study of the history of photobooks in Sweden – from the earliest examples from 1860s with glued in albumin prints to the contemporary photobook that expand the idea of what a book can be. “Published” has a unique perspective since it focuses on the practitioners engaged in the photobook, and together create the scene of photobooks. Ten of the most influential photographers, publishers, designers, collectors, librarians, writers and booksellers in Sweden are interviewed about their work and views on the photobook. The interviews show that the photobook culture is a truly international phenomenon.

The books in “Published: Photobooks in Sweden” are grouped in three different themes that are crucial for photography and reflect the content of the books: Society, Ego and Image. The historical background and development of the photobook culture in Sweden is the target of the introductory essay. “Published: Photobooks in Sweden” is part of a research project by Hasselblad Foundation and Valand Academy at University of Gothenburg entitled “Photography in Print & Circulation”.

About the Author
Doctor Niclas Östlind is a curator and writer specilized in photography, contemporary art and historiography. Among his latest and on-going research projects are two collaborations with the Hasselblad Foundation. The project Photography in Print & Circulation focuses on photobooks in Sweden; and Photography, Experiment and Social Change is a study of photography in the 1920s and 30s. One of his upcoming curatorial projects is an exhibition on Indian photography at Landskrona Photo Festival 2019.

Niclas Östlind is head of the Master programme in Photography at Valand Academy, and leader of the Research School and member of the Board at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at Gothenburg University. He is also member of the Board at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.
University of Gothenburg

About the Publisher
Koenig Books is a specialised bookshops for art, architecture, design, photography and visual culture with around 40 branches in Germany, the UK, Austria and the Netherlands