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Portrait Studio

Portrait Studiodaniel_gordon
Daniel Gordon
Onestar Press


155 pages
140×220 mm
ISBN: Not available


In this book I am playing with the trope of an artist and his muse. Both the images within the book, as well as the “mash-up” poem on the back cover, incorporate different takes on classic artist/muse relationships in literature and history, from Frankenstein to the inspiration Alfred Stieglitz found through Georgia O’Keefe. I have attempted to bring to life these cobbled together images of body parts through the magic of photography ; with the acceptance that human form can be simultaneously beautiful and terrifying, loved and exploited.

Daniel Gordon approaches photography with the sensibilities and concerns of an object maker, and the relationship between sculptural and photographic forms is a major force at play in his work. He calls our attention to the surface of the paper, emphatically challenging the notion of a photograph as a window into the world. The imperfections visible in his constructions are the antithesis of the glossy perfection of so much photography today. Instead he shares an affinity with painters or sculptors – those that spend time making things in the studio.

Onestar Press is dedicated to the production of books and multiples by artists. The space and freedom given to artists, the flexibility in the realisation of their concepts, the access to and use of new technologies have allowed Onestar Press to collaborate with international artists on a variety of projects.