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Please Look After This Song


Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해
Lee, Jae Kak / 이재각
Self Published
English and Korean


60 pages
360×290 mm


The 765,000v super high voltage pylon through the mountains and fields of Mil-yang to send electricity generated from new Go-ri nuclear plant to capital area, made quiet village of Mil-yang to war field.
For 10 years, they have been fought against power of government, lonely.
Meanwhile, 74 years old man burned himself to death and another old man killed himself by taking poison. Flowers and trees were cut out. Mountain animals’ home has disappeared.
Big deep bruises have been made on hearts of people who has been taking care of land for their whole life. They just wanted to live restful of their rest life.
What made the old people could fight for a decade?
Indeed, they want to protect of what?
What I could do was just see, listen and feel beside of them.
The massive wind blew when I was sitting in front of hut. I could hear the dynamic movement along the ridge.
I saw the resistance of living things-trees and mountain birds, the wind crossing the mountain have been all together to fight. Spirits protecting the forest. They are all connected one to protect this land.