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This Place Called Home

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This Place Called Home
Matt Wilson
Filigranes Editions
96 pages
250×220 mm
ISBN : 978-2-35046-335-3
Like the English travel books Bruce Chatwin who delivered a incredibly sensitive and humanistic vision of a world now lost forever, photographic wandering Matt Wilson, also -trotter Anglo globe – Saxon times produced by some pictures of the various countries he travels without a priori, and depending on the mood and meetings.
Few indeed, but so special, these modest photographs, even innocuous in them are, in addition, presented – against the current trends in contemporary photography – in such small dimensions that we are obliged to stop and scrutinize more closely. The image is usually somewhat damaged because movies sometimes out of order that the artist uses. The visual result is opalescent with a very present grain and a decadent light causing intimate shadows in the night scenes rendered smoky and foggy in the daytime landscape. This technique of shooting “random”, which incorporates the photographic accidental vision based language Matt Wilson. All this ends up view to trouble us, little by little, magnetized us and make us switch to a poetic and timeless.
As and when this structure writing all by visual frame, loosely narrative, which leads us into fictional worlds to the limit of a waking dream.
– Christine Ollier
Born in 1969 in Tonbridge (Kent), this British photographer based in New York surprises with his way of capturing light, as if it belonged to him personally. It is represented in Paris by the gallery Girls Calvary, and exhibits in the Mois de la Photo 2014 View photography in New York in the late 1980s While he is passionate about this medium, it forms to become a professional photographer. But after years of assistantship, he prefers to become a carpenter to preserve the photograph of any economic issue.
Filigranes Editions was founded 27 years ago by Patrick Le Bescont, the catalog contains 580 titles. The approach is to combine, in unique books, picture,writing and sensibilities of photographers authors, artists and contemporary writers, without exclusion or styles genres.