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Photography for the Preservation of Disintegrating Histories

preservationChris Mear
Photography for the Preservation of Disintegrating Histories
Chris Mear

52 pages
13×20 cm
ISBN: 978-1-62407-467-7

Disintegrating Histories.
(Leicestershire, England. 2008-2012)

Disintegrating Histories is the result of four years of photographing the county of Leicestershire, the county in which I grew up, a county infamous for; pork pies, stilton cheese, fox hunting and not unlike many other parts of England, has a long and proud coal mining heritage.

My interest was in a time that feels to me like the end of a huge transitional period in the regions history. With the people of the communities forged by coal mining, now reaching their final years of life, alongside the development of millions of trees planted throughout the region over the last couple of decades (”The National Forest”), now covering the remains of a once defining industry.

A very new social and geographic landscape is emerging and a new way of life is setting in. My motive was to describe that moment of transition and the uncertainty with which it brings.