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Kyungwoo Chun / 천경우
Korean, English, and Japanese


111 pages
220×280 mm
ISBN: 978899629548893600


Kyungwoo Chun, a German based Korean artist has been preoccupied with the fundamental question about man and the world, focusing on the notions of ‘relation’ and ‘time’. His works, beginning with portrait photography, stem from a peculiar interest in and concern for man, as well as the exploration of the true nature of photography. Chun experiments with form and medium, extending the width and depth of his artistic insight.

Kyungwoo Chun was born (1969) in Seoul. After his first study of Photography in Korea (1992) he moved to Germany, where he studied and started to work on his art projects in Europe. He has become known for his poetically blurred photographic portraits in a very unconventional way of dealing with time and space.

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