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Pasado Mañana II


Pasado Mañana II
Manuel A. Fernández
Asunción Casa Editora


10 pages
100×150 mm
ISBN: 978-987-33-8946-7


Pasado Mañana II are postcards of an impossible time. Manuel images offer us another time, neither past nor future, but new images. It does not matter where they come from. They are part of our visual universal heritage, our way of knowing the world in pictures. Image as fertile ground for imagination.

Born in Buenos Aires, 1976. Manuel A. Fernández is an Argentine artist based in Buenos Aires.

Asunción Casa Editora is an Argentinian publisher based in Buenos Aires, dedicated to publishing photographic projects

Pasado Mañana II | Manuel Fernández from Asunción Casa Editora on Vimeo.