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Oreste Helena Gouveia Monteiro

Helena Gouveia Monteiro

Laser Print
36 pages
285×105 mm
Edition of 20

Edition of a series of photographs of mineral forms (rocks, sand, stones, etc); a gradual increase of the difference between the images on each page creates double, panoramic and stereoscopic effects. For more information visit

About the publisher:

Stereo Editions is an experimental publishing collective bringing together artists, writers, and filmmakers from diverse geographical and intellectual spheres for the production and distribution of limited editions, objects, films, and music. Founded in Marseilles in 2016 by Juliette Liautaud and Helena Gouveia Monteiro, the collective has subsequently worked on projects in Prague, Dublin, and Lisbon. All of their ethically produced editions are numbered and signed by their authors, with whom they collaborate closely and to whom they return half of all proceeds.