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Orchard Volume Two

Orchard Volume TwoOrchard vol 2
(Not Seen | Not Said)
Wes Mills & Raymond Meeks
Silas Finch


44 pages
290×370 mm
ISBN: Not available


This series of journals created with fellow artists reaches beyond the portrait or documentary to offer a visual conversation between artist, subject and audience.

Orchard Volume Two combines 15 photographs by Meeks with 14 tipped-in drawings by Mills. Two color c-prints and one b&w inkjet. Front cover constructed from a silver halide transparency.

Wes Mills was born in Tuscan, Arizona in 1960.

Raymond Meeks, born in Ohio in 1963, currently teaches at Rhode Island School of Design and lives in Oak Hill, NY

Founded by Kevin Messina in 2009, The Silas Finch Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organisation based in New York, who work collaboratively with artists to produce, publish and promote ambitious photographic projects.