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One Year In Yangon 1978

One Year in Yangon 1978
Lukas Birk
Self Published / Fraglich

Softcover (screen printed and embossed, also comes in hand-made, hand-printed slip-wrapping)
364 pages


The images in One Year In Yangon 1978 were taken by various photo studios in downtown Yangon, including Bellay Photo Studio, run by Har Si Yone, Central Studio, Queen Studio, Latha Studio and others whose names can no longer be traced. All images in the book are part of the Myanmar Photo Archive, focusing on photographic practise by Burmese photographers during and after the colonial period. 364 Portraits taken in 1978.

About the Artist
“Lukas is an artist. A storyteller. A conservator.” His multi-disciplinary projects have been turned into films, chronicles, online archives, books, and exhibitions. A large part of Lukas’ work deals with archival material he collects through travel or while delving into his own background. His narratives tackle recorded history by creating alternate storylines and fictional elements, alongside commonly accepted facts. Lukas often researches his imagery through explorations into cultures that have been affected by conflict. His created ‘archival artworks’ have little to do with institutional processes but rather centre around personal stories, the desire to preserve their place in history, and Lukas’ own emotional attachment to them.

About the Publisher
Fraglich Publishing is the publishing imprint of Lukas Birk. The books, zines and posters are available through this website and select distributors.