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No Dar Papaya

‘No Dar Papaya’
Matthew James O’Brien
Placer Press
Spanish, English

128 pages
310 x 240 mm

ISBN 9780990537908

No Dar Papaya is O’Brien’s photographic exploration of Colombia created with a Polaroid camera and film. Though there are many challenges to working with this equipment, he uses it because he like the softness and the otherworldly color pallet of Polaroid, it works well with my experience of Colombia, birthplace of Gabriel Garcia Márquez and magical realism.   Begun in 2003 and completed in 2013, the work is an alternative, personal take on Colombia– alternative to the images of war, violence, and misery that dominate imagery from Colombia in the international media.  That kind of imagery, known as “pornomiseria” in Colombia, is not what interests O’Brien as a photographer, and it doesn’t represent my experience of Colombia. He finds tremendous beauty, warmth, and humanity in this fascinating country. This work reflects his experience of Colombia and is my endeavor to convey some of the beauty, diversity, and otherworldliness that he finds there.

About the Artist
Matthew James O’Brien is a photographer from San Francisco whose work celebrates humanity and the natural world. He studied zoology at the University of California at Berkeley. His understanding of the natural world informs his photography and his understanding of humanity.

About the Publisher
Placer Press is an independent publisher from San Francisco. We publish high quality fine art books, each an expression of the artist’s vision. Its philosophy is that a book is more than a collection of images and texts; it is a work of art in itself, its own unique experience. Thoughtful design, quality printing and papers, and limited editions, make each book both beautiful and uncommon.