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New York Over the Top

max-kozloff-new-york-over-the-topNew York Over the Top
Max Kozloff


100 Pages
280×210 mm
ISBN: 978-8-86965-399-5


New York is one of the most ever-changing and photogenic places in the world. For street photographers, New York has always been a city of unparalleled visual excitement, teeming with diverse people and distinctive neighbourhoods. Differing from other photo books about New York, New York Over The Top introduces a gallery of eye-catching, untamed images of the metropolis taken by Max Kozloff. The photographer walks down the streets of New York and offers to the viewer his peculiar vision of a colorful, multi-ethnic and multi-faceted city. A series of funny pictures, who can surprise us and drive the viewer in a curious path, capturing the rhythms and moods of the greatest city in the world. This compelling reportage is a valuable document about different people, situations, days and lives in the same amazing place.

Max Kozloff (born 1933) is an American Art Historian, art critic of modern art and photographer. He has been art editor at The Nation, and Executive Editor of Artforum. His essay, “American Painting During the Cold War” is of particular importance to the criticism on American Abstract Expressionism.

Contrasto Books is an Italian publisher, concentrating on photography.