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New Forest 1, A History of Cows

New Forest 1, A History of Cows
The Institute of Critical Zoologists
Robert Zhao Renhui

Edition of 1000
72 pages
145 x 201 mm
ISBN 9789811448775

In 1935, a herd of feral cattle was spotted roaming Singapore. Since then, alleged sightings have been rare. Reports came mainly from Japanese soldiers in World War II and occasionally from local residents. If these reports are true, these cows were confined to the areas of Tampines, Punggol, Sembawang and Pulau Ubin. In 2016, a cow was discovered on Coney Island but died shortly after.

Some believe that wild cows still roam Singapore. 

Conceived by The Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ) between 2014 and 2019, this book features images of cows in Singapore from the 1890s to 2016 from ICZ’s archive.

About the Artist
Singaporean visual artist Robert Zhao Renhui (b. 1983) works chiefly with photography but often adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, presenting images together with documents and objects in the form of textual and media analysis, video and photography projects. His artistic practice investigates man’s relationship with nature, utilizing convincing narratives to invoke doubts in its audience towards the concept of truth and its portrayal. His works has been exhibited globally, having held solo exhibitions in Singapore, China, Japan, Australia, and Italy, as well as participating in various biennales and photo festivals.

About the Publisher
 The Institute of Critical Zoologists is the first interdisciplinary scholarly centre dedicated to promoting critical dialogue on the principals and practices of animal spectatorship and animal related policies in the fields of social sciences, ecology and the arts. The institute employs a variety of methods to pursue its mission – engaging in research, classification and exhibition.