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Né vicino né lontano. A Lugo


Né vicino né lontano. A Lugo
David Farrell

108 pages
ISBN 9788895410111

Internationally renowned Irish photographer David Farrell took Giovanni Pascoli’s poem “In the Fog” as the starting point for a series of enchanting and surreal photographs taken in the eastern Po Valley, which investigates the theme of the relationship between fog and the landscape.
The photographer immersed himself in landscapes enveloped in a thick mist, creating mysterious images that allow glimpses of details that slowly emerge from the fog in a suspended atmosphere that, as suggested by the title of the work, makes them seem neither near nor far (in Italian, “né vicino né lontano”).

About the Artist
David Farrell, born in Dublin in 1961, is a fine art landscape Photographer of the Real World.

About the Publisher
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