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The Natural Beauty of Hong Kong

The Natural Beauty of Hong Kong by Luiz Antonio SouzaThe Natural Beauty of Hong Kong
Luiz Antonio Souza
Asia One
Edited by Luiz Antonio Souza
English and Chinese

Text by Luiz Antonio Souza


192 pages
ISBN: 9789881882349


Hong Kong is most widely known as a place of densely packed buildings and bustling, neon-drenched streets. Its best-kept secret, however, is found just beyond city limits, in a magnificently diverse landscape of unspoilt islands, coves, beaches, mountains and cliffs.

In The Natural Beauty of Hong Kong, Luiz Antonio Souza takes readers on a personal photographic journey through this frequently overlooked natural landscape. Starting at the Tai Po Kau Forest Reserve, the author meanders towards Tung Ping Chau, then down through Crooked Harbour, Double Haven and the mouth of Tolo Channel. His route then takes us to the ruggedly beautiful High Island coast and the outer islands of Rocky Harbour, before venturing to the spectacular Nine Pins island group. The journey picks up again through southern Hong Kong Island and the south coast of Lantau, before ending up in Inner Deep Bay and Mai Po marshes, where countless birds stop to rest and refuel during their long spring and autumn migrations.

In this intimate, visually stunning exploration of the ‘hidden’ Hong Kong, the reader accompanies the author every step of the way, discovering what he discovers, and sharing his awe of the overwhelming beauty of the natural world.

About the Artist:
Luiz Antonio Souza was born into a Portuguese family that made Hong Kong its home for five generations. He comes from a long line of talented artists: his maternal great-great-grandfather, Marciano Antonio Baptista (1826-96), belonged to a group of famous ‘China Coast’ painters which included George Chinnery. But instead of a brush, Souza chose the camera as his medium, with his love of photography and nature subsequently taking him as far afield as Africa, Alaska, the Arctic Circle, northern Australia, the Bahamas, Central and South America, India, Malaysia, Micronesia and the remote reefs of Flores and West Papua in Indonesia.

Souza’a underwater, wildlife and travel location images have frequently appeared in international publications. During the past three years, he has devoted much of his time to capturing the natural landscapes of Hong Kong.
Artist Website

About the Publisher:
Asia One is a fine art publishing house established in 2007. It is based in Hong Kong.

Book Materials and Specifications:
Hardcover book with a stitched perfect binding. Removeable dust jacket – underneath the jacket the book cover is a dark purple with the title in English and Chinese and the artist’s name in white text printed directly on to the cover. Plate sizes range from small 3″ x 3.25″ to 21″ x 8.5″ full bleed plates.