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Naked: Intimate and Carefree

Naked: Intimate and Carefree
Rimaldas Vikšraitis


96 Pages
170X240 mm
ISBN 9789078203261


Rimaldas Viksraitis is best known for his intimate documentary photographs of rural life in Lithuania. They depict with humour the ‘ease’ of the customary laid back alcohol use in the daily lives of the people portrayed, which are in fact far from funny. Viksraitis himself says about his subject matter: ‘They bear their cross and do not grumble about their fate.’ If you have nothing, and there is no hope of improving your mere existence, then you at least have your body at your disposal. Travelling on his bicycle, Viksraitis takes artistic, uncomplicated and carefree nude photographs. For in the field, the open air, naked, everyone is the same. Martin Parr said about these pictures: ‘They are slightly insane and wonderfully surreal.’

About the artist:
Rimaldas Vikšraitis is a Lithuanian visual artist, much renowned for his documentation of Lithuanian rural life. He was born in 1954.

About the publisher:
Heden kunst van nu is a publication house based out of Antwerp, Belgium.