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Nachtigall (Nightingale)

Cover_165x213_LB_01.inddNachtigall (Nightingale)
Lena Grass

64 pages
16.5 cm x 21.3 cm
2nd edition limited to 400 copies
Published in 2013
ISBN: 978-3-00-041183-0

”Somber and inexpressibly are we moved. (…) What holdest thou under thy mantle, that with hidden power affects my soul?”
Novalis, Hymns to the night

What remains when the day rests in silence und the world holds its breath at night? When light and sound are swallowed and we are embraced by darkness? When the laws that rule daytime are out of effect and some senses
are dulled and others sharpened?

The Nightingale’s song is the symbol for this book’s overall mood.
Unexpected, sometimes bewildering and disturbingly beautiful, as is the night.

Pieces, fragments, schemes and shadows appear out of dusk before our eyes. Blinking we try to gain hold,
try to focus…but too late, the moment passes, the image drowns in dream.

Nachtigall | Nightingale from Lena Grass on Vimeo.