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Katrin Korfmann
J’Donge Hong


128 pages

230×320 mm
ISBN 978-90-89102-23-2


Katrin Korfmann proposes posing versus acting denounced by creating, full of movement and elaborate setting. Fictional world

Katrin Korfmann (1971) is a visual artist.After her studies, art and photography, she has won several (inter) national awards. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and alternative art spaces in the public space. Seen from 1999 Her first book Katrin Korfmann’s an overview of work from 2000 to 2010. Korfmann works primarily with photography and art in public spaces formed by photographic concepts. She focuses on the seemingly ordinary and observe situations in everyday life; by loose fragments as complete frames to fit together to form a single image, a fictional world. This experimental process, they create an illusion of movement and elaborate setting. Korfmann proposes posing versus acting on the jaw, observing versus being the object of attention. From this position they often puts seemingly irreconcilable situations stuck in her images, where a lack of control leads to surprise.