Man Caves

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Man Caves
Jasper White
Thames & Hudson


110 pages
43×16 mm
ISBN: 978-0-98739-273-2


Where men hide. This book explores the curious and intriguing world of the Australian Shed. Often referred to as ‘Man Caves’. All sheds are labours of love. They capture an essence of the owner, their past, present and hopes for the future. This series of photographs opens the tin roof and allows us to look into these men’s havens. Celebrating the Australian cultural phenomenon of the shed and highlighting its historical importance, the book takes a direct view of the subject from the owner’s perspective.
Most men aspire to have a place of their own, a bigger and better cave to tinker in.

Jasper White is a British photographer, based in London. His work looks at the relationship between people and territory and how boundaries are defined within space.

Thames & Hudson is a publisher of illustrated books on art, architecture, design, and visual culture.