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Magic Campo
Stefano Vigni
Seipersei Books

Text: Michele Masotti, Pierluigi Sacco


80 pages
210×290 mm
ISBN: 978-8-89074-451-8


Magic Campo is about the Palio of Siena. It is a dreamy tale without winners or losers. Magic Campo is a dream in black and white.

‘Piazza del Campo is one of the most popular – and photographed – piazzas in the world. You might come to think there is nothing more that can be depicted which can still surprise us during those days.The project that Stefano Vigni presents us with demonstrates that it is not so: in this place, even in those moments, strange worlds which are a step beyond the level of what we are able to perceive, are accessible only to those who want to know and see. Stephen’s images are suspended in time, enigmatic, alienating, which do not arouse immediate recognition but on the contrary they are a force that raises the viewer awareness.’

Stefano Vigni is an Italian photographer with strong graphic design attitudes, video and art direction experiences. Born in Siena in 1981 he is based in Tuscany: he deals with long term projects of documentary photography and reportage.