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Lyset fra Østre Gasværk

Lyset fra Østre Gasværk
Eli Ponsaing
Brandts Klædefabrik


59 pages
ISBN 8777661257


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About the artist:
Danish graphic designer and photographer, Eli Ponsaing was a graduate of lithograph and screenwriter. His screen printing company operated between 1950-65. In 1968-92 he was a lecturer and laboratory director at the Academy of Fine Arts. He has published numerous novel graphical techniques such as heliography and photopolymer digging textbooks; Serigrafi (1975) and Photogravure – A New Method (1995).

About the publisher:
As one of the leading art museums in Denmark Brandts Klædefabrik’s mission is to present new and classic art alongside visual culture. Brandts facilitates art and creates experiences that change people and give pride to Odense and resonate in the rest of the country.