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Dorothee Smith
Filigranes Editions


191 pages
180×240 mm
ISBN: Not available


In the finnish language, the word Löyly describes the raising of a healthy smoke resulting from the transformation of matter (water -> steam), allegoric of the mutation of gender. The series displays unvegetated landscapes, where everything looks asphyxiated by an environment troubled in its ecosystem, since the beginning of the nuclear age. Haze, blur and smoke stand for the rhethoric of the gender trouble, embodied by portraits of transgendered, or perhaps genderless characters. These opaque atmospheres point out to dissolved identities, transitioning bodies and the indeterminacy of identity, in a collapsing post-modern world in which the sense of things is decaying, under a fluffy layer of disenchantment.

Dorothée Smith was born in Paris in 1985, and still lives and works there.

Filigranes Editions was founded 27 years ago by Patrick Le Bescont, the catalog contains 580 titles. The approach is to combine, in unique books, picture,writing and sensibilities of photographers authors, artists and contemporary writers, without exclusion or styles genres.