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Live Through This

Live Through This
Straylight Press
Live Through This
Tony Fouhse & Stephanie McDonald

80 pages & 12 page booklet with original print in glassine envelope
23 x 23 cm
4 color offset
Edition of 500
Published January 2013, Canada
ISBN: 978-0-9691684-2-3

“Live Through This” tells the story of drug addict Stephanie MacDonald’s struggle to get clean. Typically a topic for documentary photographers pursuing reportage through candid shots, This project instead relies mostly on collaborative portraits, in which Tony Fouhse enlists MacDonald to sometimes mimic the conventions of documentary and anthropological photography. The images of MacDonald, like the world she inhabits, are both banal and extraordinary, conveying psychological, and sometimes physiological, states with an affecting economy of detail. The inclusion of medical documents and text by MacDonald, both written on scraps of paper and from later emails, provides the viewer with a broken and incomplete narrative that nonetheless directs our comprehension of Fouhse’s disturbing but sympathetic photographs.

Includes 12 page booklet that tells the story in Stephanie’s own words, a chronology and an original print, in a glassine envelope, taken one year after the end of the project.