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Liquid Cities

Liquid CitiesLiquidCities_cover
Frank Rodick
Akina Books


32 pages
200×280 mm
ISBN: Not available


A frightening roller-coaster through the primal instincts hidden
under the polished surface of modern metropolis, stray electricity
to the reptile brain. Street corners, subways, businessman and
passer-by become suddenly unfamiliar, repressed instincts peep
out of an asphalt swamp.

Hallucinations of sex and death outcasted from the media flow,
roam in bright daylight. Welcome to the strange world of Frank Rodick’s Liquid Cities, a non euclidian space with its own set of rules where the raw power of the unconscious resurface through subliminal images.

Frank Rodick is a Canadian photographer, based in Toronto. He began his photographic career doing black-and-white street photography, which developed into the series Liquid City (1991–1999).

Akina Books is a London based independent publishing house of hand-made photobooks, run by Alex Bocchetto and Valentina Abenavoli.