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On the Line / 경계에서
othelineJoo Myung Duck / 주명덕
Kang Woon Gu / 강운구
Koo Bohnchang / 구본창
Oh Hein-Kuhn / 오형근
Lee Gap-Chul / 이갑철
Koh Myung Keun / 고명은
Choi Kwangho / 최광호
Won Seoung Won / 원성원
Nanda / 난다
Back Seung Woo / 백승우
English and Korean


168 pages
230×310 mm
ISBN: 978-8-99629-545-7

The exhibition catalogue On The Line consists of the work of 10 Korean artists photographed under the theme of the Korean War. Through the unique angle of their eyes, they attempted to recapture the current state of the war between North and South Korea today, in doing so letting us to reconsider the socio-cultural and psychological impact of the border.(The ten Korean photographers: JOO Myung Duck, KANG Woon Gu, KOO Bohnchang, CHOI Kwangho, LEE Gap-chul, OH Hein-Kuhn, KOH Myung Keun, Nanda, WON Seoung Won, BACK Seung Woo.)

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