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like-ghosts01Like Ghosts
Sarah Kastrau
Self Published


36 pages
150×185 mm
ISBN: Not available


“I grew up in a time when punk rock was still about being self-made, about handmade black-and-white artworks and analog media, which had a strong influence on the way I imagine music. With the rise of digital cameras came a flood of colourful, perfectly sterile concert photos that I could no longer identify with. It never felt appropriate to depict something that always had a sense of darkness and isolation to me in this way. So in the beginning of 2012, I started taking photos myself, capturing the emotions of a moment, and channeling the noise and screams onto film. The often unpredictable technique of the Polaroid Land Camera 230 allows me to step away from the precision of modern cameras, while the scarce material forces me to truly focus on the subject. Self-publishing my work in the form of zines gives me complete control over the process, while linking back to the DIY spirit from which I’ve drawn so much inspiration.”

Featured bands: Amenra, Birds In Row, BLCKWVS, Celeste, Coliseum, Colaris, Downfall Of Gaia, Goldust, Gottesmorder, In The Hearts Of Emperors, Light Bearer, Omega Massif, Planks, Sundowning, Syndrome

Sarah Kastrau, born in 1983 is a self-taught photographer who lives and works in Bochum, Germany.