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Double Cuddle / Nathanael Turner
Nathanael Turner

19 pages
Edition limited to 10

“Photography has the multifarious ability to reveal unexpected truths while simultaneously distorting our expectations of reality. This becomes even more apparent when derived from situations of great intensity. Photographically, Larson exists suspended between truth and fiction. These photographs are, in a way, documents, but they reflect more of a collaboration to tell a story about a person than a journalistic recording of certain events.

I grew up with eight other siblings, four whom are African America and four of whom are cacasian. Going to a primarily white school, my younger siblings have confronted a lot of prejudice and racism. I have been a part of my siblings growing up and responding to the media controlled stereotypes that are presented to us. My siblings and Larson are all African American, but their exposure, understanding, and perceived necessity to fulfill a certain persona come from very different relationships with the African American community.

Larson has allowed me to become a part of his life and is now a friend. These photographs present a single person, but reflect a relationship full of excitement, intimacy and uncertainty. There is no start and no beginning, only a person placed within the context of several environments that stand in for larger ideas of self, home and struggle.”