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Långt Från Stockholm

JH Engstrom

Långt Från Stockholm
JH Engström
Mörel Books


128 pages
240×310 mm
ISBN: 978-1-90707-138-6


Långt fårn Stockholm (Far from Stockholm) finds JH Engström on a journey into the surrounding world away from the big city. Shifting between isolated small communities and the untamed wilderness of the Swedish landscape -Engström weaves the two worlds with portraits of ‘dance bands’, youths etc and juxtaposing them amongst icy rivers, forests and disappearing roads. By weaving these themes, Engstrom tells at once a poetic solitary and contemplative story whilst returning to the heart and structure of the small community.

JH Engström is a photographer and artist based in Stockholm.

Mörel Books is a London based independent publisher specialising in affordable limited edition art books and booklets.

VideoLångt Från Stockholm by JH Engstrom on Vimeo.