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Landskrona Foto: Jean Hermanson och Dublins Barn

Landskrona Foto: Jean Hermanson och Dublins Barn
Jean Hermanson
Landskrona Foto

Text by Kristian Lundberg


40 pages
ISBN 9789198303438


This paperback collection boasts the work of Swedish visual artist Jean Hermanson. It documents his travels to Dublin and the photographs of children he took in 1967.

About the artist:
Jean Hermanson is a Swedish visual artist. He was born in 1967.

About the publisher:
Landskrona Foto is one of the most important institutions in Scandinavia for photographic mediation, research and conservation. The key activities for Landskrona Foto are exhibitions, photographic history, research, the conservation of the photographic heritage, an annual photo festival and support for contemporary artists.The authority responsible for this is the Cultural Amenities Committee of Landskrona, which has a fixed allocation in the municipal budget as the financial foundation. In addition we receive grants from regional, national and Nordic cultural organisations as well as generous support from many companies with an interest in the activities and in Landskrona.