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Nick St.Oegger

Essay by Nataša G. Bon


80 Pages
ISBN 9781527222151


In collaboration with Patagonia and NGOs RiverWatch and Euronatur, as part of the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign, photographer Nick St.Oegger travelled to Albania’s endangered Vjosa river to document life along its banks. Through a series of striking landscape shots of the environment, and portraits of the people and homes of the riverside communities, Kuçedra is a snapshot into life along the Vjosa, as it faces the threat of being changed forever.

About the Artist:
Nick St.Oegger (b. 1988)
is a documentary photographer from California, whose work explores the relationship between people and the environments they inhabit, both urban and rural. He has spent several years working in the Western Balkans, with a specific focus on Albania. Clients include: Vice, Huck, Reuters, Le Monde, De Standaard, Nieuwe Revu and The Calvert Journal. Nick holds an MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from the University of Westminster. He is currently based in Dublin, Ireland.