Konkrete Oberflächen

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AKV Berlin

Konkrete Oberflächen
(Concrete Surfaces)
Vincent Grunwald & Wilhelm Kotzek

52 pages
20 x 27 cm
German texts
Published in 2011

Both texts in this book are based on a script for a radio feature, aired in 2010 in Argentinia. The linking element between the two texts is the use of concrete as a material. Vincent Grunwalds text “Investorenlandschaft” (Investors Landscape) shows a diverse picture of a process which is local, but at the same time international: Changes of urban space in favor of capitalistic thinking, drugged voices from nowhere that spell imaginary penthouse prices and youth who are hanging around construction sites.

Wilhelm Klotzeks “Betonplastiken im Gespräch” (Concrete sculptures in Conversation) deals with the treatment of concrete sculptures in the territory of the former GDR. The concrete sculptures are guests in a talkshow where they have a debate about demontage, political responsibility and guilt.