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Norbert Bayer

32 pages
18.5 x 23.7 cm
Softcover, Risography print
First edition, 300 copies
Printed by Ourpress

«Know More» is the name of an artist book by Norbert Bayer. Know What? No More? It reads like a Surrealist novel minus the text, which is to say it does not read like a novel exactly but like a mysterious fictionalization of life, or like an unveiling of the wondrous qualities that life actually has — if you are able to access them. A series of photographs present an odd succession of images that compel one to string them together in a sort of rhyme: plant fronds, feathered metallic ground, the edge of nothingness, the edge of a cornice, a battered coffee table, the people at the party… plants in a window, plants in a market… a curtain curled up with its shadow, two bananas spooning, a pair of shoes with their tongues hanging out. From beginning to end, each image is framed in Masonic mystery by a diamond that seems to zero in on something. But on what? And why? It’s a game Bayer has played himself, and each viewer must play it in turn, uniquely. It will never end the same way twice.

—Lori Waxman 6/9/12 3:52 PM
60 wrd/min art critic