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J.WClare Steele, JW
Clare Steele
Self Published


96 pages
ISBN: Not Available


J.W. is a documentation of the life of John. These works are a collaboration between the subject and photographer, focusing on how ageing affects routine, interests, what’s prioritised, and how one offers oneself to be captured in an image. Turning the camera towards such themes as nostalgia, ritual and ageing, the subject, John, reflects upon his own image archive, objects he’s collected, and the stories attached to such things. Accessing the day-to-day life of a retiree in his home, in the places he chooses to visit and effects he surrounds himself by, J.W. traces a life that would otherwise go unseen.

Clare Steele is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is concerned with the narrative of one’s life and the peregrination that it took along the way. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of Photography at Photography Studies College, majoring in Documentary.