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Inadequate Metaphors

Inadequate Metaphors / 부적절한 은유들Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 15.24.03
Heeseung Chung / 정희승
Parkgeonhi Foundation
English and Korean

Text by: Parkgeonhi Foundation, Jung Hyun, Lyle Rexer


160 pages
180×250 mm
ISBN 978-8-99353-522-8


‘This project is related to my investigation on a 19th century poet, Emily Dickinson’s life and her poetic space that is interwoven with my own personal narrative. I am interested in the idea of the house as a physical and architectural space for dwelling and creating, and at the same time as a metaphysical space as the expanding labyrinth of the human mind.’

Born in 1974, Heeseung Chung lives and works in Seoul.

Parkgeonhi Foundation was established in 2001 as a nonprofit art foundation. It contributes to the development of culture and art, and to cultural education for the public for the formation of a creative media environment, through its support of photography and media art production and research activities.